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Discover niche skincare brands from around the world! We bring you unique formulas and skincare secrets from different cultures, allowing you to indulge in a whole new skincare experience.

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天竺葵+玫瑰平衡爽膚水 | Geranium + Rose toner天竺葵+玫瑰平衡爽膚水 | Geranium + Rose toner
藍艾菊滋潤面霜  | Blue Tansy Cream藍艾菊滋潤面霜  | Blue Tansy Cream
椰子蘆薈溫和洗臉乳 | Coconut + Aloe Cleanser椰子蘆薈溫和洗臉乳 | Coconut + Aloe Cleanser
黃銅安全剃刀 (四色)|Safety Razor黃銅安全剃刀 (四色)|Safety Razor
Sold out極緻光澤面膜 | Superdose Luminosity Masque極緻光澤面膜 | Superdose Luminosity Masque
Face oil 精華刺梨全效面部精華油 | Prickly Pear Face Oil
毛髮倒生保養油|Ingrown oil毛髮倒生保養油|Ingrown oil
Sold out檀香舒緩修復面霜 | Sandalwood Cream檀香舒緩修復面霜 | Sandalwood Cream
剃毛護理油 | Shave oil剃毛護理油 | Shave oil
剃毛護理油 | Shave oil Sale priceFrom HK$249.00
不鏽鋼剃刀刀片 | Safety razor blades不鏽鋼剃刀刀片 | Safety razor blades
Sold outraaie 有色防曬日光超透薄潤色物理防曬 SPF 50+|Sun Milk Drops Tinted SPF 50+
亮白果酸磨砂膏 | Resurface Scrub亮白果酸磨砂膏 | Resurface Scrub
Sold outOnce Upon & Time|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜Once Upon & Time|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜
Sold out光澤修復身體組合|Luminous Glow Duo光澤修復身體組合|Luminous Glow Duo
胡蘿蔔籽亮白精華 | Carrot Seed Serum胡蘿蔔籽亮白精華 | Carrot Seed Serum
Sold out淨膚細毛孔粉紅泥面膜|Pore-fectionist Refining Facial淨膚細毛孔粉紅泥面膜|Pore-fectionist Refining Facial
藍月光譜精華 | Blue Moon Serum藍月光譜精華 | Blue Moon Serum
Sold out晨露維他命C亮白精華液|Morning Dew Vit C晨露維他命C亮白精華液|Morning Dew Vit C
Sold outStay Away Spray | 天然蚊蟲防護噴霧 - afterhours.
Save $68.00經典面膜二重奏套裝 | Superdose Pro-Facial Duo經典面膜二重奏套裝 | Superdose Pro-Facial Duo
經典面膜二重奏套裝 | Superdose Pro-Facial Duo Sale priceHK$890.00 Regular priceHK$958.00
Sold outMortar & Pestle|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜Mortar & Pestle|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜
Sold out抹茶保濕面膜 | Matcha mask抹茶保濕面膜 | Matcha mask
Sold out月見藍銅水漾面霜 | Moonbow Power Hydrator月見藍銅水漾面霜 | Moonbow Power Hydrator
可可潤澤抗皺眼霜 | Cocoa Eye Butter可可潤澤抗皺眼霜 | Cocoa Eye Butter
月光A醛抗皺精華| Moon Beam Retinal Elixir月光A醛抗皺精華| Moon Beam Retinal Elixir
月見透潤修護面膜 | Moonbow Repairing Gel Mask月見透潤修護面膜 | Moonbow Repairing Gel Mask
維他命C精華液|Glow Getter Serum維他命C精華液|Glow Getter Serum
Sold out勝肽緊緻修護眼霜|Pep Squad Eye Revive Complex勝肽緊緻修護眼霜|Pep Squad Eye Revive Complex
Once Upon & Time|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液Once Upon & Time|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液
全效日間保濕乳液 (抗藍光) |All-day Multitasker Moisturizer全效日間保濕乳液 (抗藍光) |All-day Multitasker Moisturizer
Duo Brush Lip+Cheek|唇頰兩用專業化妝掃Duo Brush Lip+Cheek|唇頰兩用專業化妝掃
晚安魔法嫩膚精華液|Midnight Magic Serum晚安魔法嫩膚精華液|Midnight Magic Serum
Sold outBlossom & Gilt |Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜Blossom & Gilt |Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜
Sold out野莓蜂蜜淨膚三合一面膜 | 3 in 1 Wild Berry Honey Masque野莓蜂蜜淨膚三合一面膜 | 3 in 1 Wild Berry Honey Masque
Sold outTui & Kahili|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜Tui & Kahili|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜
Sold outMortar & Pestle|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液Mortar & Pestle|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液
New-InSold out沙棘收復護手霜|Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream沙棘收復護手霜|Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
No.09 Vallée de Farney Deodorant l 天然香體膏No.09 Vallée de Farney Deodorant l 天然香體膏
Sold outTui & Kahili|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液Tui & Kahili|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液
Sold out野生酸橙果酸煥膚面膜 | Wild Lime Fruit Acid Peel Masque野生酸橙果酸煥膚面膜 | Wild Lime Fruit Acid Peel Masque
活膚睡眠保濕乳液|Renewal Nighttime Moisturizer活膚睡眠保濕乳液|Renewal Nighttime Moisturizer
Sold outVine & Paisley|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜Vine & Paisley|Soothe Tube 滋養防禦護手霜
Sold out煥活矽膠眼膜 | Endless Eye Revive Masks煥活矽膠眼膜 | Endless Eye Revive Masks
芙蓉花深層清潔磨砂面膜 | Native Hibiscus Polish芙蓉花深層清潔磨砂面膜 | Native Hibiscus Polish
Sold outBubbles & Polkadots|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液Bubbles & Polkadots|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液
Sold outBlossom & Gilt|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液Blossom & Gilt|Sootherup 身體+護手乳液
野花再生修護精華液 |Wildflowers Rejuvenating Serum野花再生修護精華液 |Wildflowers Rejuvenating Serum
Sold outSPF50 唇頰美妝補濕棒 (珊瑚色)|SPF50 MOISTURISING TINT (CORAL)SPF50 唇頰美妝補濕棒 (珊瑚色)|SPF50 MOISTURISING TINT (CORAL)