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日本手工銀器 日本 純銀

CB Jewelry x afterhours.

“Preserving precious memories in jewelry"
We hope our jewelry will be like a lucky charm that "empowers you whenever you wear them.” to give you strength in your everyday life.
Fine jewelry design, based in Tokyo.

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New-In「LOVES」Heart Earrings「LOVES」Heart Earrings
「LOVES」Heart Earrings Sale priceFrom HK$858.00
「LOVES」Station bracelet「LOVES」Station bracelet
「LOVES」Station bracelet Sale priceFrom HK$1,738.00
「LOVES」Station Necklace「LOVES」Station Necklace
「LOVES」Station Necklace Sale priceFrom HK$2,128.00
「LOVES」Sign Necklace「LOVES」Sign Necklace
「LOVES」Sign Necklace Sale priceFrom HK$1,518.00
「LOVES」Station Necklace - Custom Initial「LOVES」Station Necklace - Custom Initial
「LOVES」Station bracelet - Custom Initial「LOVES」Station bracelet - Custom Initial
「LOVES」cross earrings「LOVES」cross earrings
「LOVES」cross earrings Sale priceFrom HK$1,238.00
New-InChain NecklaceChain Necklace
Chain Necklace Sale priceHK$3,688.00
New-InSS chain braceletSS chain bracelet
SS chain bracelet Sale priceHK$1,958.00
New-InHorsebit RingHorsebit Ring
Horsebit Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,568.00
New-InBones RingBones Ring
Bones Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,458.00
New-InBamboo RingBamboo Ring
Bamboo Ring Sale priceHK$1,458.00
New-InCuff RingCuff Ring
Cuff Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,068.00
New-InHeart Signet Ring (雕刻版)Heart Signet Ring (雕刻版)
Heart Signet Ring (雕刻版) Sale priceHK$1,458.00
New-InHeart Signet RingHeart Signet Ring
Heart Signet Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,298.00
New-InAlphabet Dots RingAlphabet Dots Ring
Alphabet Dots Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,568.00
New-InZodiac Sign NecklaceZodiac Sign Necklace
Zodiac Sign Necklace Sale priceFrom HK$1,068.00
New-InInitial Chain BraceletInitial Chain Bracelet
Initial Chain Bracelet Sale priceFrom HK$1,688.00
New-InClassic Signet RingClassic Signet Ring
Classic Signet Ring Sale priceHK$1,628.00
New-InBig Initial RingBig Initial Ring
Big Initial Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,688.00
New-InTwi Pearl Ear CuffTwi Pearl Ear Cuff
Twi Pearl Ear Cuff Sale priceFrom HK$1,298.00
New-InChain Ring with PearlChain Ring with Pearl
Chain Ring with Pearl Sale priceFrom HK$1,238.00
New-InPearl RingPearl Ring
Pearl Ring Sale priceHK$1,518.00
New-InPearl Oyster Earrings (single)Pearl Oyster Earrings (single)
Pearl Oyster Earrings (single) Sale priceFrom HK$958.00
CB Custom Item - Infinite Ring Sale priceHK$1,800.00