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We all look forward to enjoying the little self-caring time at night, it could be the moment we spend in the bathroom or the moment that we light up the candle and listen to our favourite tunes… From our perspectives, after-hours is not only the time after work but also the true self and the authentic moment without all the annoying trivia.

afterhours. is a diverse concept store dedicated to natural regime, with the purpose of seeking balance in the element and aesthetic; afterhours. explores the unknown but fine goods from the niche markets around the world to share with. The purity of the components eases the burden of our skin, body, and also the environment. The brands we introduced not only have asserted that the use of natural and raw material is guaranteed but also labeled as cruelty-free and multi-functional.

afterhours. aims to simplify our customer’s daily routines with the introduced products.

about us.

"Collect things you love, that are authentic to you,
and your house becomes your story."
- Erin Flett

The goal of our team is to build a sustainable lifestyle circle, it is a responsibility of our company because human beings should be responsible to the environment, especially after a century of destructive behaviour that we have made to Earth, we should undertake the damage and rebuild this planet environment for our posterity. Sustainable behaviour can help to rebuild what we've done to Earth, to teach and lead our customers how important sustainable development is the priority of our company.