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New Arrivals

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New月見深層潔臉泡泡|Moonbow Cleansing Mousse月見深層潔臉泡泡|Moonbow Cleansing Mousse
New月見活膚精華水|Moonbow Multi-Action Toner月見活膚精華水|Moonbow Multi-Action Toner
x CHEESE DEPT Limited Editionx CH.EESE DEPT 特濃抹茶紅豆芝士蛋糕(一人前)x CH.EESE DEPT 特濃抹茶紅豆芝士蛋糕(一人前)
New-InSold out沙棘收復護手霜|Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream沙棘收復護手霜|Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
永恆金箔美容膏|Everlasting Beauty Balm永恆金箔美容膏|Everlasting Beauty Balm
Sold out月見藍銅水漾面霜 | Moonbow Power Hydrator月見藍銅水漾面霜 | Moonbow Power Hydrator
Duo Brush Lip+Cheek|唇頰兩用專業化妝掃Duo Brush Lip+Cheek|唇頰兩用專業化妝掃
Save $51.00Ono Ono |多用途彩妝棒 Multi-Bene StickOno Ono |多用途彩妝棒 Multi-Bene Stick
Ono Ono |多用途彩妝棒 Multi-Bene Stick Sale priceFrom HK$208.00 Regular priceHK$259.00
On saleOscillate |多用途彩妝棒 Multi-Bene StickOscillate |多用途彩妝棒 Multi-Bene Stick
Oscillate |多用途彩妝棒 Multi-Bene Stick Sale priceFrom HK$152.00 Regular priceHK$189.00
衣物專用去污清潔劑 | Stain Removing Extract Textile衣物專用去污清潔劑 | Stain Removing Extract Textile
芙蓉花深層清潔磨砂面膜 | Native Hibiscus Polish芙蓉花深層清潔磨砂面膜 | Native Hibiscus Polish
Sold outAureum 抗菌室內芳香噴霧 | Upholstery SprayAureum 抗菌室內芳香噴霧 | Upholstery Spray
Sold outCepano 抗菌室內芳香噴霧 | Upholstery SprayCepano 抗菌室內芳香噴霧 | Upholstery Spray
運動衣清新噴霧 | Active-Wear Spray運動衣清新噴霧 | Active-Wear Spray
Sold outAureum 衣物清新噴霧 | Garment SprayAureum 衣物清新噴霧 | Garment Spray
Sold outPrima 衣物清新噴霧 | Garment SprayPrima 衣物清新噴霧 | Garment Spray
Sold out衣服除皺噴霧 | Crease Release衣服除皺噴霧 | Crease Release
Sold out椰香阿薩姆柴茶 | Coconut Chai椰香阿薩姆柴茶 | Coconut Chai
New-InPearl Oyster Earrings (single)Pearl Oyster Earrings (single)
Pearl Oyster Earrings (single) Sale priceFrom HK$958.00
New-InPearl RingPearl Ring
Pearl Ring Sale priceHK$1,518.00
New-InChain Ring with PearlChain Ring with Pearl
Chain Ring with Pearl Sale priceFrom HK$1,238.00
New-InTwi Pearl Ear CuffTwi Pearl Ear Cuff
Twi Pearl Ear Cuff Sale priceFrom HK$1,298.00
New-InBig Initial RingBig Initial Ring
Big Initial Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,688.00
New-InInitial Chain BraceletInitial Chain Bracelet
Initial Chain Bracelet Sale priceFrom HK$1,688.00
New-InZodiac Sign NecklaceZodiac Sign Necklace
Zodiac Sign Necklace Sale priceFrom HK$1,068.00
New-InAlphabet Dots RingAlphabet Dots Ring
Alphabet Dots Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,568.00
New-InHeart Signet RingHeart Signet Ring
Heart Signet Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,298.00
New-InCuff RingCuff Ring
Cuff Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,068.00
New-InBones RingBones Ring
Bones Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,458.00
New-InHorsebit RingHorsebit Ring
Horsebit Ring Sale priceFrom HK$1,568.00
New-InSS chain braceletSS chain bracelet
SS chain bracelet Sale priceHK$1,958.00
New-InChain NecklaceChain Necklace
Chain Necklace Sale priceHK$3,688.00
New-InClassic Signet RingClassic Signet Ring
Classic Signet Ring Sale priceHK$1,628.00
New-In「LOVES」Heart Earrings「LOVES」Heart Earrings
「LOVES」Heart Earrings Sale priceFrom HK$858.00
「LOVES」cross earrings「LOVES」cross earrings
「LOVES」cross earrings Sale priceFrom HK$1,238.00
「LOVES」Sign Necklace「LOVES」Sign Necklace
「LOVES」Sign Necklace Sale priceFrom HK$1,518.00
「LOVES」Station bracelet - Custom Initial「LOVES」Station bracelet - Custom Initial