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天然蚊蟲防護噴霧 | Stay Away Spray

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Designed to repel flying and crawling insects with our special blend of Australian native essential oils including Lemon Scented Gum, Lemon Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle, Paperbark and Blue Cypress, this formulation is gentle and 100% derived from plants.  Spray onto exposed areas of skin for protection from mosquitoes, flies, ants etc.  Can also be sprayed onto hard surfaces to repel crawling and flying insects.  Will also soothe and reduce irritation from existing bites.

可直接噴在皮膚露出的區域,以防蚊子,蒼蠅,螞蟻等。也可以噴在其他表面上,以驅除爬行和飛蟲。 還可舒緩並減少現有叮咬的刺激。

To Use 

Spray onto skin and massage into skin to repel insects and soothe any existing bites. Reapply as required. 
If irritation occurs, rinse with water.
噴在皮膚上並搽匀至皮膚上,以驅除昆蟲並舒緩任何現有的叮咬。 有需要時即可補噴。

Store in a cool, dry place.

No DEET or other toxic chemicals.

Safe for children and G6PD patient


Aqua, ethanol, glycerin, essential oils, sodium polyacrylate, sodium benzoate, isotridecyl isononanoate, trideceth-6, potassium sorbate.


Made in Australia


Stay Away Spray | 天然蚊蟲防護噴霧 - afterhours.
天然蚊蟲防護噴霧 | Stay Away Spray Sale priceHK$109.00