Sans [ceuticals]

經典面膜二重奏套裝 | Superdose Pro-Facial Duo

$890 $958


+ 30ml Superdose Luminosity Masque
+ 50ml Superdose Sleep Infusion Masque

Sans[ceuticals] 經典面膜套裝滿足你光滑、緊緻、鎮靜、保濕的不同護膚需求,只需兩個簡單步驟,即可為您提供美容院級的保養效果。

Step ①使用極緻光澤面膜5分鐘。 以緊緻和飽滿皮膚紋理,提高膚色,並修正皮膚的微生物群和pH值。

Step ②再使用鎮靜修護睡眠面膜敷過夜。

Our Superdose Pro-Facial Duo gives you clinical results in two simple steps at home. First, our Superdose Luminosity Masque resurfaces skin texture and corrects your skin's microbiome and pH. Next, our Superdose Sleep Infusion Masque delivers an intensive hit of nourishment, anti-inflammatory activity and healing.


預防保養:每週 1-2 次(正常至乾燥,想要保持健康有彈性的皮膚)。
修復 + 恢復保養:每天睡前塗抹。在極端情況下,早上也可以使用(包括極敏感、發紅、皮疹、腫塊、發癢、緊繃、脫水皮膚)。

PREVENTATIVE PROGRAM: 1-2 twice a week [normal – dry, wants to maintain healthy resilient skin].
REPAIR + RECOVERY PROGRAM: Apply daily before bed. In extreme cases, apply in the morning also [highly sensitised, redness, rashes, bumps, itchy, tightness, dehydration].

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