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鎮靜修護睡眠面膜 | Superdose Sleep Infusion Masque





Environmental aggressors, stress and exposure to harsh chemicals can significantly disturb the skin microbiome causing inflammation, irritation and redness, which accelerate cellular ageing.
We use a synergistic blend of powerful New Zealand actives. Red Algae, Mamaku, Mãnuka Honey and Kawakawa are extracted via a sophisticated, chemical-free process that permits full potency and activity. When blended, all come together to create a highly anti-inflammatory tool in soothing, calming and healing the skin. Wake to restored, radiant skin with our luxurious overnight treatment.

+ 鎮靜和舒緩發炎、受刺激的皮膚
+ 幫助治癒療程後的敏感皮膚
+ 消除瑕疵
+ 減少泛紅
+ 平衡油性和易長粉刺的皮膚
+ 提供高濃度營養而不會引起痘痘

脫水是令皮膚受刺激的原因之一。Mamaku 具有出色的極速保濕和鎖水能力,還有強大的抗氧化和抗污染性能。
A key cause of irritation is dehydration. Mamaku has an outstanding ability to rapidly hydrate and hold moisture in the skin. It also possesses outstanding antioxidant and antipollution properties.

紅藻 Red Algae
Native New Zealand Red Algae extract down-regulates inflammatory activity, calming and de-reddening the skin.

卡瓦卡瓦 Kawa Kawa
Commonly used by Mãori in Rongoa [traditional healing]. High concentrations of bioactive compounds diayangambin, elemicin and myristicin possess high levels of anti- inflammatory activity, while vitexin glucoside and elemicin possess antimicrobial activity.

醫用級麥盧卡蜂蜜 Medical-grade Mānuka honey
New Zealand sourced, medical-grade Mãnuka honeyis highly valued for its antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory properties, accelerating natural wound repair to provide outstanding healing properties. It works as a humectant, drawing vital moisture into the skin to nourish and restore. It also helps to balance skin pH levels.

維生素B5 VitaminB5
Binds to and holds water in the skin, leaving it nourished, soft and supple. It possesses anti- inflammatory properties, stimulates wound healing and restores the function of the skin barrier.

洗臉後用毛巾擦乾皮膚水分的,然後塗抹厚厚一層在面部和頸部區域。請勿擦走。為獲得最佳效果,請在睡前 30 分鐘塗抹,配合按摩讓面膜充分吸收,並在夜間為皮膚注入活性成分,喚醒肌膚,令肌膚平靜、柔軟。
Apply a generous layer to clean, towel-dried skin, covering the face and neck area. Do not rub in. For best results, apply 30 minutes before bed, allowing masque to fully absorb and actives to infuse overnight. Massage residual product in prior to sleeping and wake to calm, supple skin.

預防保養每週 1-2 次(正常至乾燥,想要保持健康有彈性的皮膚)。
修復 + 恢復保養:每天睡前塗抹。在極端情況下,早上也可以使用(包括極敏感、發紅、皮疹、腫塊、發癢、緊繃、脫水皮膚)。


Step ①:使用極緻多合一全效面膜敷5分鐘。
Step ②:再使用鎮靜修護睡眠面膜敷過夜。


這強大的組合可提供專業的結果。Step①作用是重塑和去除死皮細胞,以便更好地滲透接下來的活性物質。它還可以糾正皮膚的微生物組和 pH值,使皮膚更健康。 Step②則提供密集的滋養、抗炎活性和癒合作用,結果是全方位健康和發亮的皮膚。

When combined, this powerful duo delivers professional-only results. The role of Superdose Luminosity Masque is to resurface and remove dead skin cells to allow for better penetration of actives. It also corrects the skin’s microbiome and pH for healthier functioning skin. Superdose Sleep Infusion Masque delivers an intensive hit of nourishment, anti-inflammatory activity and healing.

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