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Once Upon & Time | 室內擴香器


Once Upon & Time

無花果葉 Fig Leaves
梔子 Gardenia
岩蘭草 Vetiver
雪松 Cedarwood
橙花 Neroli Flower


Ashley & Co擴香器外型知性簡約,瓶身使用硼矽酸鹽玻璃手工吹製而成,可以成為家裏任何角落的裝飾品,每瓶擴香可持續使用也4-6 個月。

Home Perfume does the hard work for you, simply allow the perfume to soak and ascend the porous reed and you’re set. Choose a scent for each room or have one for the season. Rest assured, each Home Perfume will provide 4-6 months of elegant scent throw.

Every home welcomes good design and will only be enhanced with the elegant scent that Home Perfume delivers. Hand blown in Borosilicate glass, these individually unique pieces have been especially crafted to be timeless design objects, yet can subtly fit into and elevate any space.

Scent Description
黑梔子花的香氣馥郁迷人,隱約散發出一種孤獨感。 在重重濃密的荊棘中長出一棵孤寂的無花果讓你渴望思考。


Waxed Perfume是我們對蠟燭的獨特名稱,每顆蠟燭都是在敘述我們自己的故事所調配出的標誌性香味。

Hypnotic blooms of Black Gardenia loom a lonesome sense to wonder. A solitary Fig among the thick of brambles yearn to leave you ponder.
Strong impressions of Cedar Wood and Vetiver combined with Mixed Spices enhance the floral chord and Fig Leaf tone.


Ethoxydiglycol, Parfum, Alcohol.


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