Bondi Wash

天然碗盤清潔液(檸檬茶樹&柑橘) | Dish Wash (Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin )



Gentle, safe, effective formula free from sulphates, synthetic fragrance, colours, chlorine and other toxic chemicals.  Enriched with fragrant Australian native ingredients known for their powerful anti-bacterial properties.  Safe to use around food preparation areas and babies (ideal for their cutlery as well).  Formulated with 100% natural ingredients which means it is low-foaming yet still gives dishes an effective clean.  Our customers say it really transforms doing the dishes!
溫和,安全,有效的配方,不含硫酸鹽,合成香料,色素,氯和其他有毒化學物質。 富含芬芳的澳大利亞原生植物成分,以其強大的抗菌特性而聞名。 在食品準備區和嬰兒附近可以安全使用(也適合餐具)。 採用100%天然成分配製而成,這意味著它起泡少,卻可以有效清潔餐具。 

Key Features

All-natural surfactants combined with our Australian bush oils and other essentials oils give an effective clean while uplifting with the natural scent 

+100% plant-derived ingredients

Bondi Wash Tip
As the natural surfactant can dry out, please run the cap under hot water to keep it clear.  Formulated without harsh surfactants which means it is low-foaming.  Will not dry out the skin if washing without gloves is preferred.  
由於天然表面活性劑會變乾,請用暖水清洗碗碟以保持其清潔。 配方不含刺激性的表面活性劑,這意味著它是低泡的。 不戴手套洗滌,也不會使皮膚乾燥。

To Use

Pour a small amount (10ml or 2 capfuls) into hot running water to wash dishes of dirt, grease and bacteria. The 100% natural ingredients mean less suds but a gentle and effective wash. Keep out of direct sunlight and use within 12 months of opening.
將少量(10毫升或2滿蓋)倒入暖水中,以洗碗碟上的灰塵,油脂和細菌。 100%天然成分意味著更少的泡沫,但溫和有效的洗淨。 遠離陽光直射,在打開後的12個月內使用。


Water (aqua), plant-derived surfactants, alcohol, citric acid, glyceryl caprylate (plant-based), Australian bush oils, essential oils, xanthan gum, acacia senegal gum, sodium phytate.

Made in Australia


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