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Awoof | 狗狗洗髮水



鳶尾花 Iris
大黃 Rhubarb
脆蘋果 Crisp Apple
玫瑰 Rose


我們相信每隻活潑的小狗都值得得到一流的洗滌體驗,所以我們生產了Awoof 狗用洗髮水。
100% 純天然配方,含有植物油和提取物,既能清潔又能舒緩幼犬的皮毛。

We believe every sprightly and spirited pup deserves a top-notch wash, and now they can get it here with Awoof Wash Shampoo for Dogs!
Our 100% natural formulation is loaded with plant-based oils and extracts that both cleanse and soothe pup’s coat.

Botanical Fresh First

Awoof Wash 對所有犬種都具有低刺激性和舒緩功效(對主人的雙手也很友好)。


Bolstered with Bark Oil, Camomile and Pineapple Extract.
We carefully select botanicals and plant-based essential oils not only for scent, but to deliver the most beneficial, nourishing and protective qualities. Awoof Wash is low-irritant and soothing for all dog breeds (and kind to owners hands too).
This product is seriously amazing. Being a professional dog groomer it exceeded my expectations and more. The lather is great, the smell is even better, it leaves the coat so sleek and shiny and all in the convenience of one product.


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