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Intimacy Candle


Intimacy Candle 

SCENT OF 45.4408° N, 12.3155° E

rose absolute 玫瑰純油 | ylang-ylang 依蘭 | frankincense 乳香 | rosewood 花梨木 | petitgrain 苦橙葉 | neroli 橙花

The gondola glides through the tranquil water of the Venetian canal. Warm night air surrounds the two of you, sometimes the light breeze carries the passionate plea of a soprano to her lover, or the captivating bells of a historic cathedral from a distance. The candle-lit table for two awaits you as you ascend the cobbled steps to a small ristorante. A bottle of wine, a lace tablecloth, a delicate vase with a fresh bouquet of roses and geraniums. A subtle hint of expensive perfume lingers in the air. You share an intimate smile as you hold hands. This is a night that you will cherish forever."


Floral notes go straight to the heart, creating a sensual and soft atmosphere. The aphrodisiac properties of rose absolute, ylang-ylang and patchouli go straight to the part of your brain that heightens your senses, and draws you closer together in an intimate moment in time. The woody frankincense notes anchor this scent, letting it gently linger around you in the air.


Intimacy Tumbler Candle
Volume: 237 ml
Net weight: 160 g
Diameter: Ø.67mm (top) Ø.75mm (bottom)
Height: 100 mm
Burn time: 40+ hours

Intimacy Travel Candle
Volume: 60 ml 
Net weight: 55 g 
Diameter: Ø.55mm
Height: 55 mm
Burn time: 15+ hours

Rapeseed and soy wax, essential oils and wood-wick.

They are the perfect combination of rapeseed and soy wax for a clean and long-lasting burn, a wooden wick, and a special blend of pure essential oils.

100% natural and vegan-friendly
100 %天然素食主義友好

Free from chemicals, paraffin, additives and synthetic fragrances.

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