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Freedom Candle



SCENT OF 37.7749° N, 122.4194° W
eucalyptus 桉樹 | basil 羅勒 | lavender 薰衣草 | guaiacwood 聖檀木 | cedarwood 雪松木 | lemon 檸檬

"The cocoon that surrounds you has become a tight fit. A small crack lets in some light, revealing patches of blue sky, birdsong and green tree canopies. Slowly but surely, as you free yourself from your constraints and discover your lush environment, your heart begins racing and your spirit starts rising. The air is permeated with the aromas of eucalyptus, lavender, soil, and the promise of new life. Here, nothing can stop you. You are free, free to be you."

Earthy tones in this scent ensure a grounding experience, sharpness of mind and a general feeling of being connected with your environment. This uplifting sense of belonging is truly an antidote to feeling isolation. It's liberating.
這種氣味中的泥土色調確保了接地體驗,頭腦敏銳度以及與環境相連的總體感覺。 這種令人振奮的歸屬感確實是隔離感的解藥。 解放了。

Freedom Tumbler Candle
Volume: 237 ml
Net weight: 160 g
Diameter: Ø.67mm (top) Ø.75mm (bottom)
Height: 100 mm
Burn time: 40+ hours

Freedom Travel Candle
Volume: 60 ml 
Net weight: 55 g 
Diameter: Ø.55mm
Height: 55 mm
Burn time: 15+ hours

Rapeseed and soy wax, essential oils and wood-wick.

They are the perfect combination of rapeseed and soy wax for a clean and long-lasting burn, a wooden wick, and a special blend of pure essential oils.

100% natural and vegan-friendly
100 %天然素食主義友好
Free from chemicals, paraffin, additives and synthetic fragrances.

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