Elm Rd.

蠟燭護理工具套裝 | Candle Care Kit


The perfect gift or accessory for any candle lover. Make sure that your ELM RD. botanical candles burn clean and bright with our luxurious candle care kit. Featuring a wick trimmer, wick dipper, candle snuffer and tray in stylish and minimalistic matt black stainless steel.

任何蠟燭愛好者的理想禮物或配件。我們的豪華蠟燭護理套件可確保您的ELM RD.植物蠟燭燃燒得明亮。 配有燈芯修剪器,燈芯鈎,防煙滅燭罩和時尚簡約黑色亞光不銹鋼托盤。


  • WICK TRIMMER: Designed to maximise your botanical candle's performance, by guiding you to trim the wick at the correct length before every burn. Trimming the wick encourages an even and clean burn and helps eliminate soot and black smoke.

  • 燈芯修剪器:旨在通過指導您在每次燃燒前將燈芯修剪成正確的長度來最大程度地發揮植物蠟燭的性能。 修剪燈芯可促進均勻清潔的燃燒,並有助於消除煙灰和黑煙。

  • WICK DIPPER:  Use the dipper to hook the wick and extinguish the candle by dipping the wick in and out of the melted wax. The flame will go out with no smoke or soot. You can also use the wick dipper to adjust the position of the wick and ensure an even melt.

  • 燈芯鈎:使用其鉤住燈芯,並通過將燈芯浸入融化的蠟中和從其中浸出來熄滅蠟燭。 火焰將熄滅,不會冒煙或冒煙。 您也可以用來調整吸管的位置,並確保融化均勻。

  • CANDLE SNUFFER: To safely extinguish your ELM RD. candle, simply hover the snuffer over the flame as close to the melted wax pool as possible. 

  • 防煙滅燭罩:安全熄滅ELM RD.蠟燭,只需將罩懸在火焰上,並儘可能靠近融化的蠟池。

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