Mayde Tea

巧克力粉 | Chocolate Dust


Add a dash of excitement to hot chocolates, chai lattes and smoothies with this chocolatey treat.



優質的可可粉原料與椰子糖,肉桂和香草保持平衡,為您最喜歡的飲料營造出令人滿意的豐富畫龍點睛的效果。 隨意灑灑,因為巧克力粉是天然甜味劑,並富含抗氧化劑。


Fine raw cacao powder is balanced with coconut sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to create a satisfyingly rich finishing touch for your favourite drinks. Sprinkle as much as you like, because Chocolate Dust is naturally sweetened and rich with antioxidants.



The perfect accompaniment to our all-natural Drinking Chocolate

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