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虎眼石拉提刮痧板 | Gua Sha


對我們來說,照顧好自己和皮膚一樣重要。Base Camp以自然之美為您創造出一種奢華、平靜的體驗。



It’s important for us to take care of ourselves and our skin. With Base Camp, it’s time to create a luxurious, calming experience, all to express your natural beauty.

Handcrafted from Tiger’s Eye gemstone, the Gua Sha tool not only sculpts and lifts the face, but can also revitalise the skin to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and inflammation, while increasing the absorption of skincare products.

Materials & Size

~55mm(wide) × ~75mm(high)


Hand carved from Tiger's Eye; a vibrant luminous gemstone featuring warm, golden tones and a smooth, silky lustre. Finished with a luxurious etched golden logo embellishment. As beautiful in use, as it is on display on your vanity.

What's Included
Your Tiger's Eye Gua Sha tool comes in a hard cover sliding case, a protective felt storage pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a quick start guide.


Basic Guide

前額:使用平坦的一側,以 10-20° 角放置在前額中心,向太陽穴刮去。


Preparation: Cleanse and dry your face. Apply your favourite oil or serum onto your skin. Repeat exercises 5-10 times.
Neck: At the base of your neck just above your collarbone, sweep upward toward your jawline.
Jaw: Start from the chin and sweep gently across your jawline toward your ears.
Cheeks: Using the large flat side of the Gua Sha, apply light pressure on the side of your nose and sweep up gently toward your ears.
Brows: Place the forked area on brows between the eyebrows and sweep up toward the forehead.
Forehead: Using the large, flat edge, place on centre of forehead at a 10–20° angle, sweeping out towards temples.


Unique Gemstone
Each Gua Sha is unique and has small imperfections.

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