Bondi Wash

寵物芳香消毒噴霧 | Kennel Spray


Use to sanitise and refresh pet’s bedding or other favourite sleep spots such as beds and couches.  Gentle enough to be sprayed directly on the fur to impart a fresh, fragrant scent.
用於消毒和芳香寵物的床上用品或其他喜歡的睡眠點,例如床和沙發。 温和無害的配方,可以直接噴在皮毛上,清潔之餘散發出清新、芬芳的香味。

Key Features

Lemongrass scent to freshen your dog's bedding or kennel.  
Paperbark is an Australian native with wonderful properties including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insect-repellent but also relaxes and soothes.  Combined with zesty lemongrass and other essential oils, this spray smells divine.  Using only plant-based ingredients, you and your pup will love it.
白千層是澳大利亞原生植物,具有出色的特性,包括抗菌,抗真菌和驅蟲性,還可以放鬆身心。 結合清爽的檸檬草和其他精油,這種噴霧聞起來很神聖。 僅使用植物性成分,天然得您和您的幼犬都會喜歡它。

To Use

Spray directly onto your dog’s bed or into its kennel to freshen, deodorize and repel insects.
Do not spray directly into eyes or mouth.

Safe for cats, rabbits, horses, Guinea-Pigs.


Made in Australia

150 ml

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