Ashley & Co.

Parakeets & Pearls | 室內擴香器


Bubbles & Polkadots

奧圖玫瑰 Rose Otto
爽身粉調麝香 Powdery Musk
樹脂琥珀 Resinous Amber
佛手柑 Bergamot
洋甘菊 Camomile



Ashley & Co擴香器外型知性簡約,瓶身使用硼矽酸鹽玻璃手工吹製而成,可以成為家裏任何角落的裝飾品,每瓶擴香可持續使用也4-6 個月。

Home Perfume does the hard work for you, simply allow the perfume to soak and ascend the porous reed and you’re set. Choose a scent for each room or have one for the season. Rest assured, each Home Perfume will provide 4-6 months of elegant scent throw.
Every home welcomes good design and will only be enhanced with the elegant scent that Home Perfume delivers. Hand blown in Borosilicate glass, these individually unique pieces have been especially crafted to be timeless design objects, yet can subtly fit into and elevate any space.

Scent Description
新鮮的溫室玫瑰與柔軟爽身粉麝香調混合在一起,聞起來像剛洗完澡的嬰兒。Bubbles & Polkadots意境就像剛洗澡,換上舒服的睡衣,躺在床上聽媽媽說床邊故事般熟悉的溫暖。
Fresh Garden Rose mixed with Soft Powdery Musk smells like a baby-out-of-the-bath. Buyer beware a craving for bed time stories and milk and cookies could result.

Scent Profile
喜歡爽粉味的您喜歡它的。麝香和樹脂琥珀 為基調,與奧圖玫瑰(大馬士革玫瑰)等淡花香和諧地融合在一起。
A juxtaposition of Rich Florals and Rose Otto blend harmoniously with the powdery base notes of Musk and Resinous Amber.

Ethoxydiglycol, Parfum, Alcohol


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