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Serenity | Artisan Reed Diffuser 藤條擴香器


Relax & Revitalise



You're sitting under a grove of palm trees at the beach, your feet playing with the silky white sand. Peace envelops you as the sun slowly descends towards the horizon, turning the sky crimson. The tranquil waters are crystal clear and you stop for a moment to inhale the scent of tropical blooms mixed with sea air. You are at one with the environment around you and as you open your eyes, you are aware of a deep sense of serenity. This is paradise.
Serenity is a unique aromatherapy blend of natural essential oils and absolutes. The warm and exotic oriental notes in this scent, combined with the grounding aromas of sandalwood and frankincense, will revitalise your spirit and calm your mind.

前調 Top:香茅 Lemongrass
中調 Heart:茉莉 Jasmine, 依蘭依蘭 Ylang-Ylang, 快樂鼠尾草 Clary Sage
基調 Base:檀香 Sandalwood, 乳香 Frankincense

一組三件的藤條擴香器套裝,其中包括100 毫升純精油混合物、手工吹製硼矽酸鹽玻璃管、可回收種植的禮物盒和補充瓶。
在英國Elm Rd.精心手工製作。經過手工精心條配,並放置在可回收透明玻璃瓶中。Elm.rd的擴香器不含酒精。根據室溫和季節,擴香器可持續使用四至六個月。

Available as a complete reed diffuser set, which also includes 100ml blend of pure essential oils , a decorative hand-blown borosilicate glass tube and plantable protective box, or as a refill bottle.
Expertly hand-crafted in England, Elm Rd. artisan reed diffusers have been carefully formulated and hand-poured in clear recyclable glass bottles and sealed with an aluminium gold screw cap. Our diffusers are alcohol-free. Your diffuser should last between 4 and 6 months depending on the room temperature and season.

只需打開蓋子,按照需要份量將精油倒入玻璃管中,然後插入籐條。讓籐條吸收混合油至少 24 小時,然後翻轉將乾燥的一端插入玻璃管中。待油蒸發到空氣中,便會釋放出微妙而持久的植物香氣。
Simply uncap, pour the diffuser liquid in the decorative glass tube and insert the reeds. Allow the reeds to soak up the oil blend for at least 24 hours. Flip the reed sticks and insert the dry ends back into the glass tube. The oils with evaporate into the air, releasing a subtle and constant botanical aroma.

A blend of pure essential oils and a vegan and eco-friendly soy diffuser base.

每套包括 6 根天然藤條
Includes 6 natural rattan reeds


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